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Testimonials: Drum lessons and drum tuition Wolverhampton: NewBeat Enterprises

“Not only is Harvey a very accomplished practitioner, he is also a very experienced teacher of some twenty years. His teaching approach accommodates all different learning styles, using modern methods which include audio-visual resources. He has complete understanding of all the curriculum skills necessary to achieve qualifications (if required) at all levels up to Level 8. His teaching is geared to the pace and preferred learning style of the student. Each learning journey is unique. The skills are taught progressively to ensure the drumming is taught in a logical sequence with similar skills linked to each other. Whatever your age Harvey has an approach that will suit you.” 
Roy Cope (lecturer) and drumming student

“I have been having drum lessons with you for about 18 months now and my progress has shocked me beyond belief! I look forward to each lesson and the time between the lessons feels like years! All this is because you are a fantastic teacher!”

“In my lessons with Harvey I covered all different styles including rock, jazz, blues and latin and am confident in playing any of them. I have always found the lessons challenging and interesting because there is never a lack of new content to learn and I am always improving...I would recommend lessons with Harvey to anybody who is interested in learning to play the drums because he is a reliable and friendly teacher.”
Cassandra Leigh Wilde

“For three years I have been receiving drum lessons from you and have learnt a great deal of knowledge and skill. Every lesson has been relaxed and has had a nice learning environment. You have a vast knowledge of drumming and music, and if I had half his knowledge I would be doing well....”
Edward Brotherton

“Drum lessons with Harvey can be highly recommended to anyone wishing to learn. The informal nature of his teaching makes the lesson both relaxing and enjoyable while not detracting from the competent instruction. The lessons take you through various styles of drumming starting at the basics, as was the case with me. I personally found that so long as effort is put into playing and practising, progress is quickly and evidently noticeable, greatly thanks to Harvey’s willingness to guide you through each stage at an appropriate pace and patience, a clear display of his love for both drumming and the teaching.” Joseph Ferris

“...Harvey is an amazing musician and a talented teacher, very friendly and helpful when you are unsure where to go next. Over the many years I have had tuition from Harvey I have always felt a great respect for him both musically and as a student, due to how helpful and welcoming he is.”
Marc Harris

“....He has always taken great care and prepared me well for grade examinations and has given me confidence in my ability to succeed. Indeed, after I passed grade 8 Harvey continued to teach me to an advanced level to prepare me for Drumtech assessment in London, and subsequently for entry to study at Drumtech....Harvey has helped me to fulfil my dream and my ambition to study at Drumtech.” Parijat Mittoo

“...I now have a much better understanding of rhythms and grooves an also fills all of which I have struggled to learn myself over the years....I am now getting rid of some bad habits that I have developed during my time playing. Your assistance in helping work out new numbers with my band has been greatly appreciated and the members of my band have commented many times on the improvement of my playing.”
Kevan Stanton

“Last year I started a music course at New College ‘popular music and performance first diploma’. Since being on the course you have helped me with learning songs that I have needed to learn for practical sessions but have also been a huge help in the understanding in the theory lessons. Not only have you helped me in the course when I’ve asked for help but you have also taken an interest in the course itself and have made sure that I understand everything I’m learning and have helped apply it to the lessons...” Ben

“Harvey must have had his hardest challenge when a 30-something mother with attitude asked him to teach her drums!....Harvey is a patient teacher with a methodical approach, borne out of his structured education in the instrument and years of playing...He’s extremely knowledgeable and knows how to teach the drums properly not only so pupils will pass exams, but also so they’ll enjoy it. His manner is friendly and approachable and if you don’t understand something first time, he’s more than happy to show you again and again.”
Sharon Kendal

“...I found the lessons enjoyable, Harvey was a good teacher and he taught me a wide range of styles. When I started the lessons I had a basic knowledge of drums and I have just passed my grade 8 exam with merit.” 
Alex Ram

“....My drumming improved so much and so quickly my dad had to buy me a brand new pearl kit! (to my neighbours disappointment). ...Not only has my drumming progressed but my knowledge of music and appreciation of all different styles, ranging from Jazz to heavy rock. Harvey has introduced me to some of the greatest drummers and taught me their individual styles of playing. You are able to learn in a relaxed and friendly environment where your drumming skills excel more than you think they could!”



For over 20 years, Newbeat Enterprises has been providing professional and fun drum lessons and drum tuition for students of all ages, from beginners to advanced. My students come to Newbeat Enterprises from across the West Midlands including Wolverhampton, Codsall, Brewood, Albrighton, Cannock and Walsall.

Whether you're into classical, funk, rock, jazz, latin, blues or metal; want to play drums for fun or take grades (my students achieve 100% pass rate), check out the Testimonials to see what students past and present think or click on About Me to find out more about the tutor and what my drum tuition includes. For more information about availability and costs, call me, Harvey Martin on 01902 843932 or complete the form under Contact Me. Keep visiting the site regularly to check for updates.